Our difference

Our competitors come to us to be trained. It says everything.

You can bring in the big consultants, spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, months of preparation, pre-interview every living executive and some that are not, dump Big Data, and at the end run what will be just a "confirmatory" game. We don't do that. And we charge a fraction of their price...

To read us is to get us. Do your homework.

Business War Gaming As It Should Be

Read what others are saying about us

“Ben Gilad is the undisputed master of war gaming.”

- Jeff Webster, general manager, Renewable Energy Division and senior vice president, Strategy, Tyson Foods

“Gilad is the guru of war gaming. He can focus your vision and test your assumptions like no one else can.”

- Wayne Rosenkrans, business strategy director, External Scientific Affairs, Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals

“Ben Gilad’s war-gaming process not only provides participants with better insights into market dynamics and competitive threats, but it reveals a company’s internal culture and the political ‘elephants’ that are often the biggest obstacles to a successful outcome.”

- Stephen N. Heath, former president, Commercial Engine Division, Pratt & Whitney

“Dr. Gilad is a war-gaming guru. His no-nonsense, ‘let’s get real’ approach helped us to honestly assess issues within and outside the company. No one walks away untouched – everyone gains keen insight into the issue at hand.”

- Joanna D’Aquanni, former manager of competitive intelligence, Worldwide Marketing, SAS Institute, Inc.

“The numbers speak for themselves. We beat our acquisition case covering the cost of capital a year early. These accomplishments reflect the focus and effort of a great team, informed by an outstanding ‘war games’ process of business and financial self-analysis, led by Ben Gilad. Enjoy the book and the battle!”

- Todd Stitzer, CEO, Cadbury